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LUUM s/t 7"

Image of LUUM s/t 7"



Our debut release for both the band and label. 6 tracks recorded and mixed by us. Packaged in a 14x21" foldout sleeve/poster with illustrations and collage artwork by Roman O'Cadiz. 300 copies on black wax 33rpm.

"Its rare to hear a band that lands in the hardcore realm but somehow manages to remain indescribable. Southern California's LUUM are dark and noisy, but with jerky tempos and a style that is actually their own. GASP is the closest comparison I can conjure, but that's a vibe thing way more than a sound thing because LUUM is just fukkn weird. Third listen and I'm still trying to put a finger on why I'm drawn to this...what if MINUTEMEN were a psychedelic hardcore band? You'd listen, right? Exactly. (WN) (self released). " -MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #378