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Pure Shit - Beyond God 7"

Image of Pure Shit - Beyond God 7"


BEYOND GOD is an endlessly replayable record. It possesses fleeting hooks with mangled metallic structure that quickly relic perceptions. It defies both anticipation and memory. One segment of a “song” does nothing to give away what's coming, nor does it last long enough to comfortably comprehend.

The band maximizes a sense of grating polarization between measures with a thoroughly eccentric strategy. Pure Shit stimulates, inundates and saturates you with a collage of extreme perversity. The product is simultaneously more metered and more chaotic than anything heretofore known as “noise”. It's violent permutations detour sharply away from the familiar plateaus of distortion that one expects.

There are no walls or waves of sound in this complex din. Each element of instrumentation is calculated to impact. The nature of the attack is obvious only to the perpetrators and you are at their auditory mercy. It is dangerous and without restraint. It is the coprophagic analogue of civilization. It is Pure Shit.


179 copies on black wax
9 tracks < 10 minutes.